I now am building iPhone Apps.  

My years of experience in software development (I wrote my first program 40 years ago), particularly in GIS (17 years), give me the ability to provide your organization with a variety of custom and off-the-shelf products. Here are a few areas to consider:

Custom Application Development
Desktop GIS Applications

It is my policy to offer a money-back guarantee on all custom or off-the-shelf software products.  That means there are no up-front fees or charges for the software or its installation*.  If, after installation and a fair trial period, the product does not perform as expected, or simply turns out to not be the best fit for the organization, I'll uninstall it and nothing will be due.

*I might need to have reasonable travel costs covered outside this guarantee.

Jerry Steenson GIS software development

Implementing a Virtual MSAG

The NENA NG911 standards, while not complete, are largely finished.  In the realm of data management, one of the biggest departures from the past that is introduced is a far greater role for GIS (more...)

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