Process Design

GIS Process Design is a service where I will help your organization improve its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in using GIS.

There is a wide range of abilities and levels of commitment across the many organizations now using GIS. This wide range frequently leads to less than optimal design of the business process for using GIS technologies to fulfill fundamental organizational goals. My focus is on GIS for 9-1-1 purposes, but also have deep experience in general addressing assignment and improvement technologies.

Sometimes, there are technical solutions that can be identified that will help improve your process, but frequently simply paying attention to proper design, and use of existing technologies is what is needed. I will help you analyze your process and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Then, I will ensure that the most efficient solutions possible are prescribed and enacted, significantly improving your organization's effectiveness in using GIS technologies.

Jerry Steenson GIS software development

Implementing a Virtual MSAG

The NENA NG911 standards, while not complete, are largely finished.  In the realm of data management, one of the biggest departures from the past that is introduced is a far greater role for GIS (more...)

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