Next-Gen GIS Transition

The transition to Next Generation 9-1-1 (Next-Gen) poses a wide array of issues for 9-1-1 agencies. Not the least of these is that the role of GIS in the PSAP is significantly raised. From being just the map that’s used to help responders navigate to an incident, or a means to locate cell callers, GIS data will now actually drive call dispatch.

Having been one of the early proponents of just this transition while at Contact One, I have very specific abilities and insights into helping agencies determine their best options for making this critical change in function. I can assist with basic consulting services, to custom software development, and software products.

Jerry Steenson GIS software development

Implementing a Virtual MSAG

The NENA NG911 standards, while not complete, are largely finished.  In the realm of data management, one of the biggest departures from the past that is introduced is a far greater role for GIS (more...)

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