Custom Application Development

I bring a unique background and extensive experience to help you solve your specialized GIS / database application issues. Here are just a few areas of specialization:

Integrated utilities solutions
Modern utilities are deeply invested in complex technological solutions to managing their vast asset inventories.  But, frequently, there are big gaps where those solutions could be talking to each other, or sharing common resources, and they aren't. In particular, bringing spatial and non-spatial systems together is an area that is still frequently incomplete.  My experience with such problems may help you resolve these problems.

Web-Based GIS tools
Web-based technologies are where GIS is heading.  Client-side web apps are where almost all viewing is already done, and where most editing will soon be done as well.  I know the strengths and pitfalls of these technologies, and have a proven history of developing solutions that users will want to take advantage of.

GIS data transformers / translators
Virtually no two GIS databases are the same, and GIS relies on innovative solutions to populating and migrating these databases. My extensive experience in this field will bring you cost-effective and efficient answers to these problems.

Custom desktop editing tools for ArcGIS
Many GIS providers are faced with unique recurring tasks that can benefit from custom tools. My quick-turnaround, performance-guaranteed custom editing tools will bring you a substantial ROI.

Interfaces between work management and GIS
Legacy work-management systems, as well as other database systems, manage location-centric data, but frequently don’t have the means to tie to your internal GIS. I can solve that for you, reducing time and improving process performance.

Other applications I have developed include:

  • Utility for transferring Automatic Location Identification (ALI) via IP
  • Wireless call accuracy recording and analysis
  • Customized map book generation
  • Automatic transect generation from spreadsheet data

Jerry Steenson GIS software development

Implementing a Virtual MSAG

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