9-1-1 GIS Needs Assessments

The field of GIS needs assessment has been around for a long time. The great majority of practitioners of these assessments, however, do not have the background in the specific needs of GIS for 9-1-1. The move toward NextGen 9-1-1 will only further emphasize the need to understand how GIS works for emergency response.

My background in the use of GIS for 9-1-1 gives me a unique perspective that few in the industry have. I know from first-hand experience where the real pitfalls are, while identifying what matters, and what doesn’t. I will help you identify exactly what it is that your organization needs to do to properly provision existing software products and technologies with GIS data.

And, when you are looking ahead to your move to NextGen 9-1-1, I will help you determine what you can do with your existing technologies, what COTS solutions exist to improve what you do, when you might need outside data services, and where custom software solutions might be the best way for you to move forward. In many instances, I can provide or help you find who to supply your outside data services, and I can frequently provide custom software solutions when they are needed, making me a 1-stop shop for these needs.

Jerry Steenson GIS software development

Implementing a Virtual MSAG

The NENA NG911 standards, while not complete, are largely finished.  In the realm of data management, one of the biggest departures from the past that is introduced is a far greater role for GIS (more...)

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